Youtube popular videos not updating

Long gone are the days when you could press your browser’s refresh button 1,000 times a day to get your view count up.In order to calculate views accurately, You Tube can’t display views in real time all the time because of the system.

Nevertheless, the glitch caused some consternation within the community — especially as trolls took advantage of the glitch by subscribing to certain channels and then unsubscribing, knowing that it would cause their subscriber counts to plummet, according to .I am using media:youtube latest module with Media module to publish you tube videos , but thumbnail preview images are not generating, I have tried various way and patch to solve this issue that I find over the community forum but nothing worked, Is any one else face similar problem ?any one can help me in this that will be great help for me.As a result, some channels even ended up with negative subscriber counts.The bug was first spotted by drama channel Black Screen TV, which launched a live stream to display the falling subscription counts of Pew Die Pie, h3h3productions, Tana Mongeau, and other affected creators in real-time.And in June, You Tube said it discovered another bug that prevented changes in subscriber counts from being accurately displayed.


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