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Alex Owens is a female dynamo: steel worker by day, exotic dancer by night. Her friends Jeanie and Richie are aspiring figure skaters and stand-up comedians, respectively.

Her dream is to get into a real dance company, though, and with encouragement from her boss/boyfriend, she may get her chance. However, Alex is the only dreamer receiving any encouragement.

PHOTOS: Guests Arrive In Italy For Justin & Jessica’s Wedding “He genuinely believes she was the one that got away.

“Jessica liked Gerard a lot, she was into his boyish nature, but she wanted something more serious. PHOTOS: Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel Tie The Knot In Italy “That’s why after getting close on the set of Playing for Keeps back in 2011, their relationship soon fizzled out.” Butler is happy for the newly married Biel because he knows that Justin Timberlake was – and is – the love of her life, “but he still thinks he missed out.

some lesbian women get thrown into the straight world especially after they have kids.

She felt that since Tina’s history was that she had been engaged to a man when she met Bette, that possibly she was bisexual.

Beals did not just appear in Hollywood films, but spent time working in Europe and took roles in a number of independent films.

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Actress in films including: My Bodyguard, 1980; Flashdance, 1983; The Bride, 1985; Vampire's Kiss, 1988; La Partita, 1988; Sons, 1989; Docteur M., 1989; Le Grande Pardon II, 1992; In the Soup, 1992; Mrs.She said she’d known some men and women that it had happened to.She had seen it happen with couples that were broken ...Born December 19, 1963, in Chicago, IL; daughter of Alfred (a supermarket owner) and Jeanne (an elementary school teacher) Beals; married Alexandre Rockwell (a film director), 1986 (divorced, 1996); married Kenneth Dixon (a writer and film technician), 1999.Education: Yale University, undergraduate degree with honors in American literature, 1987; studied stage acting at The Goodman School of Drama, De Paul University; studied acting at the Professional Workshop in New York City.Thirteen years later, Holloman is one of the most talked about actors on The L Word.


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