Michigan consolidating schools

On Friday, May 3, teachers were handed envelopes informing them whether or not they would be offered positions with the new consolidated district, Ypsilanti Community Schools (YCS), in the fall.

One-third of the teachers were informed that they were not accepted, or that they met the criteria of the district but that “there were no more positions available.” Those who did not receive job offers will be officially laid off on June 30.

Administrators have pointed to the multi-million-dollar debts of the school districts to justify staff reductions and wage cuts, higher health insurance premiums, the privatization of transportation and food services, the elimination of programs, and multiple school closures.

The number of school districts in the United States declined from 127,531 in 1932 to 14,559 in 2002.Small and large districts merge with each other, while medium-sized communities tend not to merge. While findings apply directly to New York, the method developed here has general relevance to state education policy by helping to target candidate school districts for consolidation, and, where consolidation is not feasible, adjusting state aid formulae to reflect more accurately the cost impacts of scale. Does the empirical research on economies of size support for this policy?Contrary to prior studies, neither racial composition, income levels, nor hypothetical school quality has a statistically significant effect on the probability of merging. The objective of this paper is to define the factors affecting economies of size and update the literature since 1980. The information below represents rigorous research, reviews of existing research, meta-analyses, and/or policy/research briefs. In California Department of Education District Organization Handbook. Any school district reorganization proposal presented to the county committee and State Board of Education must meet those requirements.The following references and resources have been selected based on date of publication (with a preference for research from the last ten years), source and funding, and accessibility. Structure of school districts in georgia: Economies of scale and determinants of consolidation. Available from: district consolidation involves other issues besides the cost-effective delivery of educational services. Both the State Board of Education and county committees on school district organization are required to evaluate a reorganization proposal and make determinations that the conditions are substantially met. Potential cost savings from school district consolidation: A case study of New York. Available from: This article presents the results of a detailed study of potential cost savings from consolidation of New York school districts.The other school districts receiving money are Detroit Public Schools Community District for the annexation of the Education Achievement Authority and Innocademy in Zeeland for the annexation of Innocademy Allegan Campus.


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