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For Hibernate to cache a given query result, we need to explicitly set the cachable query attribute when creating the Query.

The Query Cache is read-through and like the NONSTRICT_READ_WRITE concurrency startegy, it can only invalidate stale entries.

Tools such as provide a nice visualization of third-party calls on a page.

Where possible, use asynchronous Java Script to make these calls so they do not interfere with page rendering.

Any modifications to data held in the cache are automatically written back to the data store as well.

For caches that don't provide this functionality, it's the responsibility of the applications that use the cache to maintain the data.

In the next example, we are going to cache the following query: Query Cache Test - Evict regions and run query Standard Query Cache - Checking cached query results in region: org.hibernate.cache.internal.

This can improve performance and also helps to maintain consistency between data held in the cache and data in the underlying data store.With Varnish Cache, there are myriad ways to do this.We’ll explore the most common ways and how to deploy them.Unfortunately, these third-party calls often significantly reduce page performance, reliability, and security — sometimes preventing pages from rendering at all.To minimize problems, it’s important to first audit and understand the third-party content currently in use, then to establish a clear process for adding such code to a site. The Query Cache is strictly related to Entities, and it draws an association between a search criterion and the Entities fulfilling that specific query filter.


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