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Eighty-two percent of banned Seeking Arrangement profiles say they're Catholic and religion was the most common trait among fraudulent accounts.

Congressional investigators have unearthed an email from a top Trump aide that referenced a previously unreported effort to arrange a 2016 meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to sources with direct knowledge of the matter.

"He's just very skilled."The White House pointed out that President Obama huddled with Putin and the same Kremlin translator in 2016. Obama was joined by national security adviser Susan Rice in his conversation.

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"Because of the fact that we do cater to wealthy demographic, we do get an influx of scammers," he says. Seeking Arrangement got its latest stats from screening new profiles over 10 months.

The profiles first go through automated screening software, which flags both traits in the profile, such as certain ethnicities, and things that aren't visible in the profile, such as certain IP addresses and even certain passwords that scammers seem to like more than other people.

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Then a person on staff looks through the flagged profiles and decides whom to ban, Velasquez says.

Seeking Arrangement has banned 60,000 profiles in the last 10 months, or about 220 a day.

Here's what they've found are the ingredients in the typical scam profile.

Lovin' God Scammers are mostly Catholic, or at least they say they are.


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