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Here are some of the lyrics: He understands the workin’ man. If you don’t like it, you can all just kiss our ass. Should fans judge athletes on their political beliefs?Probably not, unless you’ve given up on the idea of sports-as-escapism.

Let’s all pat ourselves on the back for a minute– we’ve recognized the foolishness of many of our former assumptions.Plundering Desire is a vast online collection of pop writing on the British band The Smiths, covering practically all stages of the group's brief but spectacular career and offering a chronological, colourful, in-depth, and sometimes contentious, look at one of pop music's most unique, well-loved and enduringly popular bands.A devoted Smiths fan in my youth I followed the group's progress in the music press with relish, cutting out and keeping every article, interview, review, news item, and photograph I could get my hands on.(And by “our,” I suppose I mean “society’s,”– which I’ll let you define however you like.) OK now, party-time’s over.Just because fewer limitations are imposed on us these days based on race, sex, socio-economic status, or any other demographic category, it doesn’t mean racism, sexism, classism, or other – have completely subsided in the entertainment world; they’ve just taken on more subtle forms.Items sourced from decidedly teen-oriented magazines like No.


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