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I've suffered in the past and generally will bring it up at a moment that it can be discussed, but first and foremost I'm not looking for pity when I discuss the suffering or anything I just feel that someone I date or become friends with should know what I've been through as the feeling I sometimes feel is mostly mutual.

Given me saying this it is a no brainer that I feel emotional attachment is a large thing as well as communication, but again may take me a bit to get out of my own communication s *censored* so I do apologize for that ahead of time. Not greedy at all so a job with high pay isn't one of them for myself, I'm quite comfortable with where I am at the moment.

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--ALEX-- said: Jesus, can you people imagine if they made a legit "anime fan dating app"... Being female myself, and having interests in entertainment besides anime, I generally have no problem finding people with similar interests on dating apps like tinder.

What a wonderful website for weeaboos of all people to populate.

Here is a list of nerdy speed dating/small talk questions that are guaranteed* to get the conversational ball rolling (and not squish Indiana in the process)!

Well sad news for you, those girls aren't "geeks", they're "smoking hot" and they get infinite male attention all day long just walking around, why the fuck would they sign up for an online site where they'd settle for some basement-dwelling virgin with a neckbeard who's a "nice guy" AND a great warhammer figurine painter?

Girls sign up to dating sites to get options and find "the one" and "the one" isn't a "geek". A hot girl is a hot girl in any community, she's always have plenty of dudes to pick from. IF you can be better than other guys, then you win. 90% of the profiles are robots that don't talk or reply and are made with pictures stolen from facebook or google.


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