Elf dating game 2 cheats speed dating iphone app

There's good news though - Fred and George Weasley have a power-up for all their spells, if you can find some statues.Here's a video game cheat to help you to collect the statues on the Playstation 2, Gamecube and Xbox!After you create a character you can set about to woo the various elven women in the surrounding area to make them fall in love with your character.Certain game cheats allow you to avoid actually wooing anyone by giving away things like maximum stats with certain characters.The instuctions of this cheat is the same as Time Travel Cheat.Similar to the Time Travel cheat, you can also extend the weekday events (e.g.I mean it seems kind of stupid that they have all this water, wind, fire and earth magic and have to worry about disinfecting the soil. And if they have the species of potato susceptible to nematodes why don't they have the species that are not? It is only at 19th century the art of using yeast began to spreed on earth."Elf Sim Date II," often called "Elf Girl Sim Date," is a browser-based dating simulation game from Evi Ludy Entertainment and Armor Games.

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With a 89kg draw weight you would need a crazy long powerstroke (measured in meters) to get enough energy to penetrate medieval plate (which was case hardened steel), certainly not with a "small bow" like the one described in the novel. The author should at least have explained why historical crossbows required much higher draw weights to release the same energy as longbows and how MC's magic compensated for that.

Even if we're being generous and give it twice as long a powerstroke as usual it still would not have penetrated plate as even a 1000lb draw weight crossbow could not penetrate 15th century medieval plate and I fail to see how a crossbow with less than a fifth of that crossbow's draw weight could possibly be stronger and still be called a "small bow". EDIT: I've not been able to find any sources that back up the author's claims about killing potato nematodes by drowning in water for 3 months. Also why do they have the exact same species of plants and parasites as Earth? EDIT: Oh my god the historical inaccuracies are driving me crazy.

What does it take to impress an elf girl, charm, strength, perseverence? Can you catch a hot date or are you going to be playing with yourself all night?

Get the right stats to get the right girl, and you'll be a winner.


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