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This is a barrier that women put up to prevent guys from hitting on her, and is usually implemented in higher intensity situations such as clubs.Part of Mystery Method in showing Active Disinterest.Now to mke real cash on internet, u must b selin stin to some other persn.thats just d truth and it's the same in ofline biz..I DNT care wateva busines model u folow ,yu can't make moni online if u do nt sell stin onlin,if u hear dat there is someone makn moni onlin somewhere,wat dt simply means is dt d persn is seln stin online..HOSTS fajl se takođe proverava za određeni unos, kako bi se proverio da li se lokacija nalazi na – odnosno na samom računaru.

A woman who is used (unknowingly) to increase your social value.

They are created on the fly by gaming women who are not intended to be a target, so that you will be socially proofed in the eyes of others. Created by Ross Jeffries as a useful term used by Speed Seduction students, and now adopted by almost everyone in the seduction community.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Business / How To Make Cool Money Online (1667 Views) Make Cool Legit Cash Using Your Mobile Phone / Hottest Ways Of Making Cool Money Daily / BEST OFFLINE BUSINESS TO MAKE COOL MONEY (1) (2) (3) (4) If u av bin searchn 4 ow to make money online,dn this is for you..straight 2 business:wen u hear d term makin money'wat must come into ur mind is xchange product/services..

Meanings and originator are also list where the information was available.

Associating an emotional state or thought in a person’s mind with one of the senses, such as with a touch or sound, or visual movement. Once an Anchor has been set it can be moved on a sliding scale to either amp-up or turn-down the state, by combing pattern language with changes to the anchor. Contrary to how it sounds, this is not used in a derogatory manner.


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