The Austrian furniture includes the elegant XVIII century marquetry desk dating back to the days of Maria Teresa; the French piece with its flowerwork, also in marquetry and bronze trim dating back to the days of Napoleon III during the XIX century; the French commode with three large drawers dating back to the XVIII century on which two Latin American silver candlesticks stand, framing the eye-catching table clock in Louis XIV style.

Making this room even more colorful and attractive are the largely red Afghan, Tekkê Boukhara and Feraghan carpets.

However, construction work was postponed by the years of crop failure and famine.

Lagstad folkskola, Espoo’s first elementary school, was completed by autumn 1873.

Although lacking a dominant style, this second-floor salon holds some important items, such as the fragment of XVI century Flemish tapestry showing Feuilles de Chou, whose cabbage-leaf tones give this room its name, together with color of the wallpaper and the upholstery.

It is flanked by French polychrome wooden angels in Louis XIV style.

Up a few stairs, before the boudoir, is the small elevator hall with a set of six tinted engravings showing maps of Great Britain and the Islands of Scotland with Latin inscriptions, by XVII century Dutch cartographer Willem Blaeu.


Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel is situated in the heart of the city centre and at the foot of Table Mountain.

We do our best not to handle them or disturb them, but now that I have an outlet to share them with a wider audience through this blog, I’ve scanned them and written them out.

Hopefully I haven’t done too much lasting damage to the originals in the process.

The outbuilding once served as the teacher’s abode.

A number of these styles have been revived over and over, and still inspire reproductions in their likeness. These include slant-fronts like the escritoire and fall-fronts like the butler's desk, among a number of others.


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