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Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Uma Thurman, and Robin Wright are all featured in the Peter Lindbergh-lensed shoot, with the photog adding nudity "strips the actresses' soul." Related: Nicole Gets Candid About Keith Urban's Addiction Not only are the A-listers not stripped down, but they're also completely unretouched!

Peter explained of his decision: We've been waiting for this moment!

It's the most unlikely truce in history -- Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz' ex-wife Mashonda ...

the same woman who once publicly accused Alicia of breaking apart her marriage. Barts -- showing Swizz, Alicia, and Mashonda all vacationing together with their children (Swizz fathered kids with both women).

All those ruffles on Alicia Vikander at the Oscars in LA Sunday were way too much!

She looked like she was about to break into doing the flamenco!

The movie is based on the 2012 book of the same name by M. “‘Summer camp’ is something I’ve used to explain filmmaking to friends and family,” Vikander recently told Entertainment Weekly of filming with her boyfriend. That’s a very specific, unusual thing to this business — and it can be a very powerful thing,” Fassbender added.

What a catch: Despite spending an entire day fishing with journalist Amanda Petrusich, there was very little written about his girlfriend Alicia Vikander — because the first question about her was artfully but firmly steered away Throughout the lengthy piece, the Irishman betrayed several times just how attention shy he is, squirming to escape the leer of execs and fans alike at a film festival, ducking photographers and rolling his eyes when he caught their oblivious driver Googling who he was.'He kept his head down each time we were outside,' she wrote.

It's wild -- nearly 5 years ago, Mashonda wrote a nasty open letter to Alicia in the wake of her divorce from Swizz, blaming Alicia for taking part in the affair that destroyed her marriage and family.

From the letter, you'd think Mashonda and Alicia would be enemies for life -- but the photos tell a much different story.

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